Benefits of flaxseed by Easy Use

There are so many Benefits of flaxseed for the human body.

Flaxseeds have been consumed for at approximately 6,000 years and making them one of the world’s first cultivated superfoods.

Flaxseeds, sometimes called linseeds, are small, brown, tan or golden- colored seeds. In fact, linseeds or flaxseeds are different names for the same seeds. It is a great source of dietary fibers minerals like manganese, thiamin and magnesium, protein, and plant-based omega- 3 fatty acids. Another unique fact about flaxseeds is that Flaxseeds are the no.1 source of lignans in human diets. Antioxidants substance called lignans that help promote hormonal balance in additions to several other benefits of flaxseed.


Benefits of flaxseed

Benefits of flaxseeds:

  1. Highly useful for brain activity.
  2. Excellent for heart health.
  3. Naturally, reduce cholesterol levels.
  4. An effective remedy for Arthritis.
  5. Good for hair health.
  6. Helpful for immune systems.
  7. Very good for bones health.
  8. Great for the skin.
  9. Able to promote digestive health.
  10. Helps decrease menopausal and hormonal imbalance symptoms.
  11. High in Antioxidants.
  12. It can help cure and prevent breasts cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

What you have to do:

  • Firstly Take flaxseeds, roast and grind it.
  • Then Consume 1-3 tablespoon daily.
  • The best way is to have in the early morning before breakfast or at bedtime with warm water.
  •  It can be consumed in a variety of ways, blended in smoothies for breakfast, sprinkled on cereals, added to salads and yogurt.
  • Flaxseeds should be taken with plenty of water. 


Side Effects of flax seeds :

Here’s which group are not recommended to consume flaxseeds in any form because it may lead to health complications of their condition.


 Who should not consume Flaxseeds:

  1. Pregnant women 
  2. Diabetic patients 
  3. People with low blood pressure 
  4. And People with high blood pressure 
  5. People with bleeding disorders 


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